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Twinn Aquasuite

Twinn Aquasuite provides software that operates as an AI-powered analyst and autopilot for water utilities and industries. It monitors, analyses, visualises and controls the performance of water and wastewater infrastructure through predictive analytics and machine learning. While you gain full real-time visibility across your complete water and/or wastewater network and treatment, Twinn Aquasuite controls your day-to-day operations.

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Dieter Heinhuis

Dennis van Gool

Timo Sleegers


Foresee critical situations developing in your drinking water and wastewater infrastructure – and resolve them easily.


Twinn Aquasuite helps you create a more reliable and resilient infrastructure – while reducing emissions and energy use. How? By giving you actionable insight across the water cycle – and a simple way to optimise performance 24/7.


Twinn. Better decisions today for a sustainable tomorrow. ​

For more information visit: Water Utilities – wastewater infrastructure | Twinn



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